A C E  T Y P E/ Art Consultant & Artist Agent
Valeria Geritzen


AA/ Artist Agent
Since Art Basel Miami 2012 I have been working as an International Artist Agent representing artists worldwide. What I do can be described as being a binding tool between artist and the art-scene. Essentially it is about putting an artist's artwork into the so said 'right place' to be seen by interested audiences. Additionally I also find partners and attractive business collaborations for the artists that I represent.

My professional background is in politics, economics, sociology and media studies that I gained at Ruhr-University Bochum in Germany.
With my diverse education I was lucky enough to work with partners and on projects of many sections. As a result I built up a portfolio of clients that represents a wide selection of artworks and activities.

Valeria Geritzen/ Art Advisor & Artist Agent


Manhattan Skywise (VG, 2012)

'Manhattan Skywise' (VG, 2012)