Thomas Schostok (*1972/ based in Essen, Germany)
Thomas Schostok (*1972/ based in Essen, Germany)


THOMAS Schostok aka {ths} #THS

Thomas Schostok and design - with a twinkling eye - those two have been lovers in a closed marriage at a young age that has come a long way. Already as teenager {ths} felt urged to design (..1990 this was not inflationary..) and Thomas’ desire to create has never stopped. In his Essen (Ruhr area/ Germany) based studio Thomas Schostok is nonstop designing and reaching for exceptional graphically artistic heights.

{Ths}-compositions convince with an outstanding image balance. In his collages Thomas Schostok builds his own << Paradise Lounge  >>  in a 'Trash-Urban-Warfare-Porn-Dirt-Style-Pop', as Thomas describes.. Do Thomas Schostok's collages invite to rest the eye and linger between aesthetic elements? Only for a split-second, then at second glance, checking the exact details, there are supposedly disturbing details to discover. And then the aesthetically balanced idyll and the collaged photography create something even better, a spacial meaning, the third act and the reconciling moment enters the stage. KIND OF. Art should confuse and reassemble: Á la bonheur - welcome to {ths} !!!

Thomas Schostok's outstanding, really brilliant book << MR. TRASH >> is completely sold out, enough reason to get one of his amazing works – a small selection of {ths} -works is presented here at ACE TYPE, more and more recent works are brought to you by e-mail.. contact: