Robert Zuckerman (*1955/ based in Miami, United States)
Robert Zuckerman (*1955/ based in Miami, United States)

Robert G. Zuckerman

Robert Gene Zuckerman aka #TheZuck

Graduate of UC Berkeley and the American Film Institute (1986).

Robert lives in Miami, Florida/ United States,
he works all over America and in Germany.

Top News: 2016, 2017 leading the IMDB pro photographers ranking
(January 2016: 1. Robert Zuckerman, 2. Annie Leibovitz, 3. Andrew Cooper..)

Will Smith calls him ‘Picasso.' Arnold Schwarzenegger introduced him to Bill Clinton by saying “This is Robert Zuckerman, the best photographer I have ever worked with.” Whether on or off the set, Robert’s connection to photography is emotionally based and tribute to the to subject and the moment.

- And at the beginning as a young fella, hanging around in Florida, starting photography as a Grad Student of Berkeley University back in the Seventies, Robert Zuckerman describes himself as 'pretty much in the clouds'. Then passion got him and Robert set himself up to become the greatest photographer Will Smith, Arnold Schwarzenegger and many many more are extremely happy to work with:

Robert made it, he went up the Hollywood Hill and nothing can bring him down there anymore, he - in the film business - fights the most terrible monsters, he wades through the sea and of course he conquers the strongest storms. Robert always gets through to enlighten the desert, wherever a film-crew needs a man who is serious about the mission to find the perfect spot between two sand grains. With his talent, his technical understanding, his intellectual abilities and his big heart Robert flashes around the most vibrating cities, the calmest valley, the most endearing characters - to bring out magic in two dimensions and with his favorite medium: Photography!

Robert Zuckerman's book 'Kindsight' (Kindsight Press, LLC) is a collection of photographs and accompanying text by Zuckerman, illuminating the richness of everyday life encounters and experiences. From taxi drivers to waitresses, plumbers, kids at a playground, to even cats, 'Kindsight' shows the extraordinary within the ordinary.

James Crump, renowned fine art publisher and curator, says “Robert Zuckerman's portraits are infused with an uncanny sense of hope and spirit in the post 9/11 era.” The book includes forewords by, among others, actor Will Smith, famous poet Michael Lally and novelist Elaine Kagan. In 2012 it was on the PEN American Center's “Best Book Read This Year” list.

Since the publication of 'KINDSIGHT' Robert has spoken to students and youth groups across the US; initiating workshops in which students use photography and writing together – as in the book – to connect with the richness of life around them. Robert has spoken at Authors at Google, got a PBS story about him and was a panelist at the KidsRisk Symposium at the Harvard Medical School in Cambridge, speaking on empowering youth through positive media modalities. He is sought as a mentor by aspiring artists worldwide.

Latest News:
Robert got very busy during Art Basel 2017, since he invented his own art show 'Art Mazel' at the Miami Beach JCC and we together produced a three-floors show at the Lord Balfour Hotel on Ocean Drive. And also to highlight is the 'Life through a lense.' documentary about Robert that aired at several film festivals in 2017, winning numerous prizes.

The following photography introduces you to Robert Zuckerman‘s Oeuvre. We kindly ask you to open your senses.

HOLLYWOOD FACTS: As a photographer in the motion picture industry, Robert Zuckerman's images have become the advertising and publicity campaigns for such films as “The Crow,” “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” “Any Given Sunday,” “Training Day,” “Terminator 3,” “Bad Boys 2”, “National Treasure,” “Transformers,” “Pursuit of Happyness” and “The Great Debaters,” among others, as well as television series including “The Shield,” “Rescue Me” and “Nip/Tuck.” He has done recent album cover and movie poster photography for Will Smith and was invited to be the personal photographer for the family of Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz.