A C E T Y P E / Art & Brand
Art consultancy & artist agency

run by Valeria Geritzen, Berlin-Mitte

Nice that you have found your way to the ACE TYPE online art gallery. Who is behind it?

The importance of an art fair...
Since attending one of the largest art fairs for modern art in 2012, Art Basel Miami Beach, I have been working as an artist agent. As part of my agency work, I take care of representing artists on the art market and with partners. In concrete terms, all efforts are aimed at presenting the respective artistic work in the appropriate place: artists and their works are placed with galleries or in private collections. And cooperations with the economy is negotiated and implemented on behalf. Including production and public relations. - So far, so factual...

What is special about working as an artist agent is the personal contact and the challenging, attractive project, which is pleasantly and frequently changing. You need a high degree of flexibility and you want to be able to set the pace - including different time zones - so as not to get out of breath. The treasure of a broad humanities degree (politics, economics, sociology and media studies) and my first life as a competitive athlete flows into my approach. You got to be prepared, they say... ;-)

The basic university education, paired with journalistic activities, always required a wide range of interests and excitedness. Today this foundation opens up a certain natural parallelism and the opportunity to prioritize intuitively and to act happily between different approaches, industries and perspectives.

New York, New York...
By the way: It was supposed to be political communication, but a one-year stay in New York after completing my studies blindfolded me to art. Suddenly, quite naturally, I found myself in the New York art scene. My host family, to whom I owe a debt of gratitude, played a large part in this, and they gave me an understanding of various impressions and the art sectors in rapid succession, intensively and enthusiastically with analytical precision. After the first great astonishment, back in Germany, I found art exciting here as well, and started on with the first artist representations.

Sincerely and looking forward to working with you
Valeria Geritzen


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