The centerpiece in Jörg Döring's work as an artist has always been working with oilpaint on huge canvas. In his career Jörg Döring has reinvented himself again and again: It has always been a challenge to reverse the use of materialities, thinking imagery language backwards. Jörg Döring picked up collage and resin-techniques and masters it due to his needs and aiming to taking things further.

With the latest oil paintings Jörg Döring is tip-toeing into another dimension. Now there’s a mix of, on the one hand fine, realistic and precise painting versus - his legendary bold, rough and more abstract lines with which Jörg Döring uses to reach figurativeness. Jörg Döring’s painting creates a showdown of contrasts and the artist celebrates his exact painterly skills impressively. #OILPAINTING

After many stages and more than thirty years as a freelance artist, the Döring artwork collection is large and the level of recognition is huge. Jörg Döring is collected worldwide and, with over 400 exhibitions, is one of the most successful contemporary pop art artists in Europe. #POPART

Works by Jörg Döring are celebrated internationally in well-known private collections. Whether in Europe, the USA, Australia or Asia, collectors love his works. Exclusive cooperations with selected luxury brands such as Porsche and Breitling are an integral part of Döring's work. He is also regularly involved in charity projects, for example he has supported the work of the Dalai Lama and the UNESCO.

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